Choose your words wisely to put your nation at ease!

Made in 7 hours for the Peace Game Jam 2020 in Berlin.


Download 20 MB


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This game is amazing! The choices are hilarious and I could play this for hours! The funniest line I got was: 'The government is a hoax.' And then everyone just started panicking! This game is great if you're feeling sad or alone, and yeah. 10/10

Thank you! We are so happy to deliver some joyful moments in this crazy time :)


This game is pretty funny , pretty cool ngl

Thx! :)


pretty cool ^^ still not sure it was random or had sense to it


Thanks for playing !
It has kind of sense to it, as there are several groups of spectators ( like scientists, patriots, economists, etc. ) and each group replies differently depending on the words you choose :)